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Website implementation: A website today is of vital importance to trade. The first thing people do when they meet someone new is type in their name on google to see if they have one or more websites, if they can find information about them or find them on facebook: it is a matter of fact, we all do it. To avoid confusion between companies that have the similar name or people who have the same name, the easiest thing is to see its website. If you do not have a Facebook page or worse no website then you do not exist for the business world. It seems a bit ‘too much but it really is so!

Without a website is difficult to convey your image and be known by the general public and be easily recognizable.

Also: how you can be credible without feedback on the internet? Customers need a place to give their feedback and opinions about you and your business. IG-Global will make your website and e-commerce, please contact us! With the combination of social media and the website you can spread your message quickly. Your corporate website should be made even before the advertising printing; even before the card.

It’s common knowledge by now that customers are looking for you on google!

IG-Global has already done this for our own website.

The web design is critical and our experts will advise and decide together with you as you build your identity on the web. First comes the website, then the rest!

Contact IG-Global to build your Web sites and e-commerce. We operate in Neumarkt, Trento and Bolzano in South Tyrol. The home page is the page that is usually read by the highest percentage of visitors. Statistically it is also one of the pages which has the highest percentage of exits from a site. Many visitors in fact will not continue past a home page that is designed badly. Its important to have a website optimized for search engines, responsive, and advertised virally; but if the home page fails to capture the visitor’s attention through appealing graphics, layouts and dynamic content then your marketing strategy and advertising campaigns will be to no avail.

Our web designers will advise you to find simple, modern and effective solutions.

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