The blog is a personal web site with a schematic structure and chronology where you can have all the publications in an orderly manner, by date, with contents and references. For many it is defined as a personal journal in which to write opinions, articles, comments, post pictures and share videos.

What’s different from facebook? The main difference between Facebook and a blog is the fact you can customize the GUI to taste.

The graphic designer of IG-Global will guide and advise you in this experience and will make for you eye-catching graphics that capture the attention of the “occasional” visitor to your blog. Our SEO, SEM, SMM Specialists will help you with viral advertising on social media. In a short time you can turn your diary into a source of income.

More and more companies decide to have a dedicated blog on their website as it helps to increase the number of visits and acquire potential customers.

“The blog is the modern demonstration that the most important is the editor of a newspaper” – Giordano Bruno Guerri

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