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Video editing

The video is a extraordinary form of communication so it is important to do a good job of video editing. It is statistically proven that a user engages more easily with an advertising video.

A video shows a service in a short time and through movement and sound. It engages with and excites the viewer more.

Our experts will be able to make the video for you. Whether it’s a viral video suitable for youtube or vimeo to be published on social media or a video presentation of your company, the team of IG-Global can accommodate both. A video designed for Social media like facebook, google + youtube etc, must be organized in every little detail because in about thirty seconds it is necessary to summarize everything that you want to communicate. Post production is therefore essential and this is where our expert will give the right rhythm to the sequence, managing to capture the attention of the global audience.

A video is also the best way to elevate the homepage of your website.

Our operator will film in your company so as to provide a modern and professional image for your business.
As for photography, our drone can achieve views from above and a 360 ° Tour which is a true innovation in the field of visual communication.

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