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Infographic Advertising

The infographic advertising is a visual representation of data and information. It leads and helps the reader in interpreting information, data and statistics.

The infographic is designed to inform in (storytelling) advertising.

Now more and more agencies are using it as a marketing strategy. The infographic advertising can be made for printing, digital, interactive (clickable for tablets and smartphones), and a video presentation of the narrative. You can use the same content for designing infographic advertising and the layout and the content will be adapted according to the platform on which it will be displayed.
The infographic advertising is a collection of unstructured data on a specific topic. This data is analyzed, ranked and divided into categories. The most interesting information is then extracted from the data and made as appealing as possible, readable, consistent and immediate. The question many are asking is: “Why should I have to make a infographic? What will I gain?

An infographic will give you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd because an infographic in innovative, attractive and fun!

Advertising means telling a story through images and data and this combines both.

Advertising a company or product through infographics online produces good results on social media.

Imagine having a business that sells ice cream. You could make an infographic of the whole process to highlight the quality of the end product and add useful information and data to the image. Its a new way to present your product to consumers.

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