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Online marketing relates to the marketing strategies applied to the web.

It is to think of and devise a customized strategy for each company and to establish a winning solution to succeed on the web.

SEM is an acronym that encompasses all the skills of web marketing specialist to take your strategies to the web. SEM is the branch of marketing that deals with marketing on the web. A good web marketing campaign online requires a lot of teamwork, the team of IG-Global will plan according to the customer’s general guidelines.

Our company IG-Global, based in Bolzano, Neumarkt, Trento and active in South Tyrol is up to date on the latest news and trends, to provide a targeted and effective web marketing strategy.

The web marketing strategy includes winning the cooperation of various professionals that will determine the moment to schedule an online web strategy to perfection.
The web marketing strategy includes: SEO Strategy, optimization for indexing in search engines. SMM,a campaign of social media marketing will ensure advertising on social media like facebook, twitter, google plus, instagram, pinterest, youtube, vimeo; on all social platforms on the web. DEM, direct email marketing is to send e-mails to customers or potential customers. This is very popular because it’s economic, effective and also eco-friendly since they save on paper.
“Instead of interruption marketing one-to-many web marketing can provide useful content just at the precise moment when a person needs it”- David Meerman Scott

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