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Texts and Translations

The Copywriters at IG-Global are able to write texts and translations for every need and occasion.

The image is important, but the content is also important.

Especially in South Tyrol where bilingualism is always advisable to have texts in Italian and German. We at IG-Global advise our clients to use texts in at least three languages. Our agency works with native speakers, so we can offer our customers the best! As an agency of texts and translations IG-Global provides quality and professionalism.
The job of a copywriter for an advertising agency is crucial. The copywriter is responsible for writing content consistent with the context to get a good ranking on search engines and more.
Having texts written by an expert means that not only do you not make mistakes in grammar, punctuation and syntax, but also the content of your website and social media is optimized for search engines.

Having a text search engine friendly is to have an almost secured place on the first page of the search results.

The copywriters at IG Global specialize in the preparation of texts suitable for all channels. Text for the web will be different from that for a flyer which will be different from that for social media and so on.

Its important to know which channel and to what audience you are targeting, because for each context the way you write changes.

Our copywriters are supported by translators who will be on hand to translate your content into multiple languages. Your text can be translated into Italian, German, English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, French and more.

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