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Graphic Advertising

The term graphic advertising encloses a very broad concept. It can affect the image,photography, art and print. In our case, a full-service agency, graphics advertising covers everything that is visual communication. The aesthetics of the content and the structure must be considered.

The work of graphic advertising is a set of many skills.

There are some words that can clarify the meaning of the word graphics:


Synthesis is the word that perhaps best explains the meaning of graphics, because the work of a graphic designer is more than just making it simple and intuitive.

Finding the heart of the project to reach the simplest solution by a process of reduction.

It seems like a chemical formula and in fact it is. Graphics use both hemispheres of the brain – the right lobe and the left, creativity and rationality. A graphic is the creation of something from nothing and is creative. The graphics are a thought, an idea to be developed and the graphic designer for a project needs to be up to date.

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