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Printing Services online

IG-Global offers printing services online of business cards, flyers, brochures, and all advertising material that is printed. IG-Gllobal operates in Bolzano, Neumarkt, Trento and around the Tyrol. Impress your clients with unique, attractive graphics specially designed for you. At IG-Global we do not like to be standard. We want our clients to be able to convey their uniqueness through business cards, flyers, brochures and posters. These are the details that make all the difference.
The graphic designers of IG-Global are constantly up to date, both for the latest news on software and graphics but also with regard to the fashions of the time in the world of graphic design.
Visual communication is the first step to design the identity of a company. IG-Global supports its customer base by offering the following printing services online:

Logo design
Packaging design
-Printing services online business cards
-Brochure printing services
-Design and implementation of large format posters
-Printing posters in small format
-Printing flyers
Company accessories
-Printing advertising banners
-Printing advertising for exhibitions and events
-Company catalog

The image of a company is critical so make your company recognizable and different from the competition.
With IG-Global you can be sure to be followed by an expert in the field of communication and graphic design. The best in printing service online.
The release is the responsibility of the designers of communication. This role includes the professional design of all products which then will be advertised. It is work that combines several disciplines; communication expert, image expert, an expert in graphic design.
In short, strategy, creativity and execution. “He who stops advertising to save money is like stopping the clock to save time.” – Henry Ford

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