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The term creativity is used continuously, but many do not really know what they’re talking about. Many associate it with art, but already we should analyze what they mean by art! However, in general it is associated with pencils, brushes, paints and paper.

However creativity is much more detailed and complex. A creative person is one who creates and to create there must be a problem to solve, then an idea, a concept, study, comparison with the client, analyzing and ultimately development.

This is not an attack of art! There is all the individual’s history and experience of real life in a creative act, which form the basis of the process. Fundamental is passion, boldness and courage; and to filter out all other every day influences that we put in our work without realising it and so it is also an act of our unconscious and is natural.

Its an impulse that gives rise to thoughts and actions that generate errors and inspiration, which give off a series of chain reactions resulting in frustration and sleepless nights, where often in times of sleepless delirium, unexpected epiphanies can be found. The concept of creativity is not limited to the world of graphic designers, writers, artists and architects; an entrepreneur who has a vision of what we want to accomplish is creative, a hair salon is creative, a cook, a mother.

All those who have inspiration that can not make them sleep are creative.
This is a personal reflection on the concept of creativity that will always be interpreted differently by everyone.

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