Online shop: The world of e-commerce with PrestaShop

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The world of online commerce: PrestaShop

Before you start using PrestaShop, you will need a short introduction to e-commerce or online commerce. Online commerce is now also widespread in Italy, but unfortunately we are not yet in a position to compete with international markets (as far as customers are concerned). Even if Italians are still a little suspicious of electronic shopping, this should not lead to distrust of those who are thinking of opening a new business on the Internet. One of the most important features of online trading is indeed the ability to offer products for sale to everyone.

By everyone I mean every person, everywhere, at any time of the day or night. A display case that is available 24 hours a day and everywhere.

Of course, it is essential to create the e-commerce website in the English language at least, so that everyone can understand your shop. We explain in detail what e-commerce is, what an online showcase is and why people should shop directly in your shop.

E-commerce is a website that allows users to buy products for sale and pay for them via Paypal, credit card or cash on delivery.

Having an e-commerce website means giving users the choice between different products on sale, but also giving managers the opportunity to sell and quickly understand what kind of items to invest in. The opening of an online shop expands the range of sales possibilities also for special articles.

Remember that each product has its own market and thus its own buyer; through the Internet we can expand the spectrum of possibilities and find our market of admirers.

An online showcase does not involve excessive costs compared to the decision to open an old style. To open a physical activity, you need to consider a few things, such as room rent, operating costs, monthly expenses for bills and the risk that your business is underutilized. E-commerce will instead offer the possibility of remaining within acceptable costs, both in terms of the “rent” of the web space, the design of the project, the creation of the website and possible costs for administration (such as for the dispatch of the products).There are many platforms online for creating e-commerce. The most reliable and widely used platforms include PrestaShop and WooCommerce WooCommerce Both are CMSs (Content Management Systems) with the only important difference that PrestaShop was developed exclusively for e-commerce, while WooCommerce is one of the many plugins of WordPress, which was developed for the administration of blogs and websites. Depending on the type of product and the size of the warehouse we can decide whether we create an online shop with one or the other CMS.PrestaShop is a system specially developed for online trade, built in France in 2007 and now has over three million downloads. Why a CMS like PrestaShop? There are many reasons for this, for example:

  • A CMS that we can easily adapt to your needs
  • It is possible to add extensions to the project if required
  • You get access to the code to change functions as needed

In addition to the technical advantages mentioned above, there are a number of useful functions for customers in store management, such as the organization of invoices, returns, payments, and so on. Customers who buy In addition to the technical advantages mentioned above, there are a number of useful functions for customers in store management, such as the organization of invoices, returns, payments, and so on. In summary, PrestaShop is a practical and reliable solution for creating online shops. It is a good idea to rely on experts in this field at an early stage (design, online publication of the website and tests). PrestaShop supports over 40 languages, has an automatic e-mail system for customers and above all, you can securely integrate various payment methods, manage your warehouse, etc… It is possible to integrate over 300 functions that are already included in the basic version, such as product preview and advertising banners.

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