Online sales, tips for improving your e-commerce management

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Increase online sales

The e-commerce site, even more than a normal website, is aimed at user traffic. The most important, but also the most difficult thing, is to reach the right users, namely those who are especially interested in our products.

But how can you attract the right customers to our online product showcase?

Once you’ve built your online store, the hardest thing seems to be attracting people. In reality, there are many strategies to pursue and they can be implemented simultaneously.SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which works on the basis of the search for the right keywords, is often not sufficient because it cannot reach all users of our target group. To try to attract as many users as possible to the articles, it is necessary to include paid advertising, known as display marketing and pay-per-click advertising campaigns offered by Google. n the marketing strategy. In this way you can have your advertisement, banner, popup or skin appear on the search pages of the user who uses our “keywords”. It is a significant investment in terms of ROI (Return of Investment) and brand awareness.

Once users have reached the product page or homepage, it is important to encourage them to buy, but how does that work? If users have happened on our e-commerce, certainly a good percentage is interested in the product and the purchase.

To reach our goal, which is to sell the product, you must complete the purchase process with no more than three clicks, as well as not make any strange requests to the customer when filling out the order form (first name, last name, delivery address and email are more than sufficient). The second most important thing for a customer to identify himself as such is to ensure that he makes another purchase, in which case we can speak of a loyal customer. When a customer/user returns to our online shop, it is important that they feel special and unique. To do this, we can send newsletters with new articles that we know might be of interest to him or give vouchers.
In addition to our interest in selling and instruction to buy, it is important to focus on Web reputation of the brand. In order to make the brand visible and in a certain way known, we can only invest in the big social media. For trading, it is usually important to have at least one Facebook page, but it would not be bad to include Instagram and Twitter, while for articles for teens is also recommended to use Snapchat.

As soon as it is clear that accounts in the most important social media are very important to increase sales in the online shop, we must make you active in our cause. With Facebook, it is possible to carry out small advertising campaigns that target a specific target group and the place of affiliation according to the parameters recommended for sale, and more importantly, the “Buy” button has been introduced. Instagram allows us to create mini-presentation videos for a new product, suggest various uses and also publish images of the products we know are most frequently shown. How do we know which of our e-commerce products are most in demand? In addition to shopping, Google Analytics also allows us to check which pages are visited most frequently and thus which article is called up most frequently. These are some basic rules to follow if you want to improve your sales and visits to your e-commerce site.