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Who is a copywriter in advertising?


What is the role of a copywriter?

The copywriter is a professional who mostly works in the advertising industry and is responsible for advertising management. The copywriter usually works in a team with the art director.

In advertising agencies the copywriter is a central figure as he has a direct relationship with the customer. This is because he must be able to convey the brand of the company through words, slogans, texts and press releases.

The copywriter needs to know the grammar of the language in which he writes and to be understood in all the broadcasting channels of advertising. Especially today with social media being more and more influential in the market, the copywriter has to adapt his way of writing. A television advertising campaign will be different from an advertisement in a newspaper, as it will be about writing for social media or promoting a website.

what is copywriter in advertising
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Over the years the professional copywriter has evolved and those who carry out this job in most cases work freelance.

In a full service advertising agency that mainly deals with web solutions, printing and visual communication. The copywriter will be involved with Web Marketing, SEO, SMM and SEM.  The editor of contemporary texts must be flexible and know a little of everything: to be up to date on the latest trends of the web, being able to write for social media, blogs and search for keywords. The copywriter performs a job that requires a lot of knowledge and skills.