What is Storytelling?

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What is Storytelling?


Storytelling in advertising

Many people who deal with marketing or the creation of websites may have wondered: What is storytelling? What is it for? Specifically it means to tell an emotion, to graphically convey the passion and knowledge of the story. Storytelling is often used in advertising to present a product in a different way; it actually differs from common advertising or a simple presentation because it contains the emotions related to the history of the product. The heart of storytelling is creativity, strategy and technology and obviously for a good story we need to write those texts: the copywriter.

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But why use storytelling, instead of common advertising? Simple storytelling is out of the ordinary, is a kind of marketing that can only be used for a product. You can not copy and change the name of the product. Storytelling involves the viewer; the center of the story is not the product or the company but by explaining the history and finding reasons why you should choose this company or this product.

Storytelling shows to the costumers what is behind a product or a company.

People want to experience emotions.

And its well known that people want to get involved, to listen and to find out what’s behind it … how it all happened. Storytelling seeks to create in the mind of the spectator a new reality. It is not intended to convince anyone but wants to make you participate.