What is SEO?

What is SEO? Why is it important?


How to do good SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization literally means optimizing for search engines.

Many people wonder how to make a good SEO but they are unlikely to find the answer. SEO is often overlooked believing that it is enough to make a good website to get visibility, unfortunately it is not. Deciding to rely on the experts to optimize your site for search engines is the best choice.
The most important thing is to be clear. Determine the keywords (in multiple languages) as it is important to make a good SEO strategy. There is no need to overdo it with the inclusion of many keywords as you risk incurring a penalty.

When you decide to create a website or a blog the most important thing is to establish the keywords related to your project.

After inserting the keywords the second step is to write articles and to be content consistent with the keywords matching the page. The person responsible for writing the original content, and not copied from other sites (google notices, another penalty!), is the copywriter.

There are many other factors that contribute to good SEO. One of them is definitely an SEO strategy to combine the activities of Social Media Marketing (SMM). Another important factor to improve your ranking on search engines is to create an internal blog or external website. This is because a blog is made up of in-depth articles and content. Within those articles you can insert links external to the web site. Another feature to be reckoned with is patience.

What is SEO
why SEO is so important

Please be patient!

When the site is put online it will not be immediately indexed by the search engines, this takes time.

When you decide to create a website, it is better to outsource to task to competent people in the industry.

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In short, we have everything you need to make you succeed on the web.