What is e-commerce?

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How to build a good e-commerce website


What is e-commerce?

E-commerce is an online store. It’s like having your own shop to sell your products, but to a much wider audience, at any time and in any country.

Visibility for your brand around the clock, anywhere in the world.

You need not be a large company to have your own e-commerce, even small entrepreneurs and craftsmen have decided to “open up” their online store to provide greater exposure for their products to be purchased, and to provide a global showcase. We’re talking about both sales to individual consumers as well as sales of quantity. Being online greatly reduces cost and increases contacts and orders.

Selling online is convenient for buyers and sellers.

A buyer can access the web at any time of day without regard to holidays, weather or shop opening times and can leisurely choose an item to buy, and they will have better access to discounts and offers. The seller can also decide when to update stock, undertake promotions and deal with couriers. It provides a lot of flexibility.

Open an online store. Selling online will never be as expensive as opening a shop with walls and furniture.

The best advantage that a seller can get from selling online is visibility as no place is more popular than the Internet!

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how to build a good e-commerce website
what is e-commerce website