Social media marketing strategy, what is it?

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Social media marketing strategy, what is it?


Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing is the last frontier of marketing, with the advent of social media like facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and myspace a new role emerged: the social media specialist. His job is to manage the integrated communication on all the different platforms that the web provides. A business can connect with consumers allowing them to understand what they like and do not like.
What is social media marketing? What is it for?

The expert in social media marketing really does not just do market research, the role is also to create a real interest on the part of the customer and to attract the attention of potential new customers.

what is social media marketing strategy
how to do a social media marketing campaing

Doing an online advertising campaign is not just about updating the company Facebook page or writing two posts on twitter, but a real strategy where every move is studied in the best possible way in order to achieve the optimum result. An SMM campaign should be enhanced by a good SEO strategy. To achieve this it is important that the different figures cooperate. Social media marketing is just the top of the iceberg, below is the work and collaboration of graphic designers, web designers, copywriters, photographers and video editors, the latter in particular create the viral videos that then will complete the online advertising.

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