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The Drone is a remote-controlled aerial vehicle by a remote pilot. Its a helicopter of small and medium size, used for shooting video and photographs: we call it the last frontier of advertising. With the drone you can provide another point of view for your images. Ideal for advertising tourist sites and hotels  presenting panoramic 360 degree shots. Once airborne the “pilot” can control the direction and choose the best shot.

We are proud to offer our customers the innovation of the drone which is able to give greater emotion and image advertising than ever before.

Panoramic photographs and emotive videos that manage to capture the attention of customers. The video drone allows you to see the images in a different perspective, much more dynamic and impressive than a hand-held camera could ever be. For example, to present a company and its team in a dynamic and fun way, so as to leave their customers speechless and clear that the company to which you are assigned is modern and avant-garde!

IG-Global is one of the first agencies in South Tyrol that is able to offer its customers the ability to have images and videos made with the Drone.