Company blogs: Why is it important to have a company blog?

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The company blog to get to know the customers better

The website is a company’s online business card, an opportunity for everyone to get to know the company anywhere and at any time. But who are these “all” who visit your website?If the corporate site was designed as an old “flagship site” it won’t be many people who visit it. The website aims to increase customers and sales through brand awareness.. But to be noticed by the right people (i.e. our target group), you have to create some movement.

By movement I mean the generation of traffic and to generate traffic we need to generate interest and to generate interest we need to update the content and tell a story about a service, an experience, a product and an offer. All this is possible thanks to the company blog.

By creating the company blog on the website you can raise interest in the right people (who always start from a search with keywords). The company blog can be characterized as well as possible according to your needs, so that you can rename this area according to your activity (news, events, offers, tips).
In order to draw users’ attention to the publication of a new article on the blog, it is very important to have a good relationship with social media. It is not important to be present on all platforms, but on the social network suitable for our busines

In most cases, Facebook is enough because it is the most used social media and is very well suited to promote and market our content.

This triggers the cycle of interaction that leads users to read our articles and perhaps accept our offers. If you choose to manage a corporate blog, you must take advantage of any downtime unless you have a reference. Almost every activity has moments in which you don’t work much. In these dead times, a strategy adapted to the type of industry can be planned. You can either try it or rely on people from the advertising industry to develop the right content marketing and social media marketing strategy.

When deciding to manage a company blog, it is important to have a few things in mind:

– Follow the development of the competition – Be coherent with the corporate brand – Write and report on content related to the central topic of the blog – Organize an editorial plan, for example, to publish a new article every Thursday and the offer of the month every last week of the (previous) month. – Create interest in social media by paying for advertising campaigns, only initially – Publish outside the blog (create mini posts only for Facebook, Google plus, etc.) – Create a community (allow users to express their opinions and respond to positive and negative comments) – Do not leave the project for a longer period of time – Diversify so as not to get bored, or rather, create different sections to please more users.

These are just a few tips to start. To be successful, you need to plan and establish the project before you start publishing articles. Our advertising agency helps you with the design and planning of the structure, the contents and according to the needs of the company, we assist you in choosing the right strategy. For further information please send a request to on the subject “Company-Blog”.